Looking for the perfect, customized gift for clients or employees? Perhaps a special wine to commemorate a celebration or milestone? Latitude Beverage is now offering custom wine labels on three of our most popular wines.


Custom Labels

What to expect: Short turnarounds, low minimums and phenomenal wines! Get your project started today. 

The Details

Please read through the following details, then simply fill out the form below to get your project going. We will connect with you shortly to start discussing your project and make sure your custom label wine is just what you want. 

  • 2 case minimum (24 bottles)
  • Design support available
    • Free design services included with purchase of 10 cases or more
    • $80/hr for design services - under 10 cases
  • Front label customization
    • 3 color max standard label
    • Must include name of wine, place and vintage (i.e. Pinot Noir, Monterey, California 2016), but otherwise the labels are fully customizable
  • Choose from three of our most popular California wines
    • Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley
    • Reserve Pinot Noir, Monterey
    • Pinot Noir, Monterey
  • Gift boxes or gift bags available upon request (additional costs apply)
  • Direct support from order through delivery


About the Wines


Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley, California

A seductive, full-bodied Cabernet overflowing with dense dark fruit on top of indulgent scents of mocha, vanilla and cedar. This is a Cabernet that dishes out lip-smacking affection with every sip. 


Reserve Pinot Noir, Monterey, California:

A bold Pinot Noir from the cooler climate appellation of Monterey, California. Both fresh and full-bodied, this wine presents the best of both worlds, with a generous aroma of black cherry, plum and spice. A crowd-pleaser! Note: this wine comes in a high-end heavy bottle with cork.

Pinot Noir, Central Coast, California:

Ruby red in color with fresh black cherry and berry aromas, a cool minerality and savory notes of clove land camphor. A Note: this wine comes in a lighter bottle with screw cap.



2-4 cases: Reserve Cabernet: $41.99/bottle Reserve Pinot: $36.99/bottle Pinot Noir: $26.99/bottle

2-4 cases:
Reserve Cabernet: $41.99/bottle
Reserve Pinot: $36.99/bottle
Pinot Noir: $26.99/bottle

5-10 cases: Cabernet: $36.99/bottle Reserve Pinot: $31.99/bottle Pinot Noir: $21.99

5-10 cases:
Cabernet: $36.99/bottle
Reserve Pinot: $31.99/bottle
Pinot Noir: $21.99

10+ cases:  Cabernet: $31.99/bottle Reserve Pinot: $27.99/bottle Pinot Noir: $19.99

10+ cases: 
Cabernet: $31.99/bottle
Reserve Pinot: $27.99/bottle
Pinot Noir: $19.99

Please note: A $75 one-time design/setup fee will be charged for each new label



  • Shipping costs are above and beyond the cost of the bottles, based on UPS quoted rates (pass-through)
  • UPS shipping is available to most states (view all states here)
  • We can ship to a single address or to multiple addresses
    • A handling fee may be added for orders that require more than five shipping locations


  • We estimate approximately 4-5 weeks from order to delivery
  • Design time will impact total turnaround
  • Rush orders can be taken, however, the minimum production turnaround is 2 weeks

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